Christoper Bassano Grab All #14


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30 Day Price Match Guarantee

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My great friend, Damian How, showed me this fly two decades ago. At the time, Damian was guiding in North Western Tasmania and was catching more fish than anyone else. He and I had a day on the St Patricks going “fish for fish” with an F Fly and a Grab All. At the end of the day and at the end of many such days, it was very hard to split the two flies and when considering the F Fly is arguably the world’s greatest adult caddis imitation, the Grab All has to be held in similar regard on our rivers. What makes it even better than many flies I see being used on the river, is how easy it is to see. From a guiding point of view, it is perfect. You basically have a small fly that is very easy to see in all light and water conditions that the fish eat very well.

It has become a standard fly when fishing rivers and lakes in New Zealand and occupies two rows in my fly box. Thank you Damian! Barbless.