Christopher Bassano Carrot Fly #12


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This fly was introduced to Australia by Englishman, John Horsey. This is the original pattern. It is very, very easy to see on the water and is eaten extremely well over the summer months. If you have trouble seeing your flies, this is a good one for you. Orange continues to be a very productive colour in Australia and the extreme brightness of this fly is more than likely the reason why it is eaten so well. As with many flies, when the trout seem locked in on this fly, they seem to ignore all others to get to it. Pulling this fly across the surface in overcast and windy conditions is a productive way of waking fish up. Being carrot shaped, the fly pushes water well and the seals fur body aids floatability.  A generous amount of floatant applied at the start of the day is usually all that is needed no matter how many fish you catch on it. The fly works well in almost all of the popular Tasmanian waterways but interestingly, it is also very good on many of the western lakes in rough weather. The fact that this fly was designed for Rainbow Trout in the northern hemisphere and is equally at home catching wild Browns in Australia, means it is worth trying where ever you are. Barbless.