Christopher Bassano Claret Possum Emerger #12-14


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This is a simple adaptation of one of the greatest mayfly patterns Christopher Bassano has ever used, the Possum Emerger.

Basically, it is a Possum Emerger but this one is claret. Christopher first tied this fly in the mid 1990’s but he had a deer hair wing on it. With the success of the original possum Emerger and the claret “deer wing” Emerger, it seemed obvious that a combination of the two would work well. Possum is much easier to work worth and floats better than deer hair which made this fly a no brainer. Anywhere that mayfly are present, this fly will work as a point or middle fly in a three fly rig. It is also very effective when polaroiding and floats well after you catch a fish. It only needs to be dressed with floatant once, at the start of the day and will keep floating all day long.

There are not enough superlatives to describe this fly.

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#12, #14