Christopher Bassano Fur Fly Small #14


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30 Day Price Match Guarantee

30 Day Price Match Guarantee

30 Day Change of Mind Return

30 Day Change of Mind Returns


When fish are in shallow water or tailing in bright conditions, this is my fall back fly. It possesses a great hot spot that trout seem to hone in on but remains subtle due to its size. I first used this fly at Lake Fergus when I was getting a lot of fish to look at the larger version. It was as if they wanted to eat it but changed their mind at the last second. The smaller version did the job for me and has continued to be my go to fly when fish are tough. The smaller profile means it sinks slightly faster than Large Fur Fly and will not “pull fish over” to the fly as readily. However, when fish can been lying stationary or crusading slowly, this subtle fly is eaten more readily and never fails to produce. Barbless.