Christopher Bassano Hares Ear Klinkhammer


30 Day Price Match Guarantee

30 Day Price Match Guarantee

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30 Day Change of Mind Returns


This fly is specifically tied to be used when the light is low or you need a buoyant dry fly when fishing nymph under dry. We all have to compromise with our dry fly when fishing this set up but this fly gives you a genuine dry fly that fish will eat, while remaining a float when using a heavy nymph. The extra buoyancy and hi-vis post makes this fly a must have in my fly box while the natural materials in the body and the way it sits on the water, enables it to remain imitative and be eaten well.

While this was primarily tied as a river fly, it has been very effective when fishing lakes as an easy to see “indicator” that also gets eaten.

Deciding on which size of fly to tie on is as simple as deciding what weight nymphs you are going to use. Heavy nymphs = larger size. Barbless.

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