Christopher Bassano Humungous Flashy #10


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The Humongous has been an excellent fly for many years but as usual, we are always looking at ways to tie a fly that is just as effective as the original, but is less time consuming at the vice. The Flashy Humongous was conceived during one of these experimental sessions. It didn’t quite achieve the goal of working as well as the original because the two flies seem to work well at different times.

This fly seems best in a smaller size than the original and it also has a smaller profile. In mainland lakes, the Flashy Humongous is the go to fly and seems to work well with a fast retrieve. Many competition anglers use this fly in dirty water but I think it is just as effective in clear water.

I have had success with the Flashy Humongous on the point or on either dropper in a team of flies. It is also very good when swinging rivers. Across the world, a black and gold combination is like chocolate to trout so it no surprise that this fly is essential in any lake in Australia. Barbless.