Christopher Bassano Index Fly # 6



The Index Fly is an unweighted damsel imitation. Damsel flies are prevalent in all of our Australian lakes, farm dams and rivers.

I was shown this fly by Royce Baxter from the Ballarat Fly Fishing Club. He and many there use it on Lake Wendouree for most of the year but predominantly during the summer months. Although the fly appears quite large, it certainly works best in this size. Being unweighted, it is usually used on the middle or top dropper when fishing from a boat but it is also a wonderful point fly when fishing from the shore with a floating line. The fly can be retrieved at whatever pace you like but generally works best with a steady, pull, stop, pull retrieve. When weed is growing near the surface towards the end of summer, it is particularly effective.

This is a great fly all around Australia. Barbless.


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