Christopher Bassano Parachute Adams Fluoro Post #16


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The Parachute Adams is one of the world’s highest selling and most used dry fly. It is a pattern that originates in the USA and for most of my guiding life; it was not in my armoury. Mainland angler, Phil Weigall changed that along with many of my clients. I am a big believer in confidence and being confident in your fly when you are using it. I found that many of my clients would ask me what flies we might be using during the day on a river and were always surprised when a Parachute Adams was not mentioned. Some anglers would not fish with much confidence until I tied one on and then their entire demeanour would change.

It is such a successful fly on the mainland of Australia that it is arguably the most used dry fly there and by Australian anglers travelling to New Zealand. The reason it is so popular is because it catches fish and lots of them.

I still had the problem of clients not being able to see the fly well in poor or mottled light which lead to the addition of a fluoro post. This was met with much appreciation from clients and knowing that the change of colour from white to orange makes no difference to the fish yet orange is easier to see, this is now my staple Parachute Adams tie whenever I use it, anywhere in the world. Barbless.