Christopher Bassano Parachute Possum Emerger


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30 Day Price Match Guarantee

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Being tied almost entirely out of possum fur, this fly floats brilliantly. Much more robust than its “CDC winged” counterpart, the fly is very imitative. One fly could last you for days and keep floating! There is almost never any need to put silicon on your fly after the initial floatant has been applied at the start of the day. When fish are rising to mayfly duns, it is extremely effective but on any occasion when fish are rising after the first mayfly hatch of the season, it will work well. Although moving the fly is not often recommended with such imitative flies, fish will still eat this pattern pulled on lakes in overcast weather. Always try it static first!

The smaller sizes are extremely effective on the rivers and when fish are cruising in shallow water. The take is always confident and slow when this fly is eaten. Being a parachute fly, it sits beautifully on the water and once the hatch is over, it is also taken as a spent mayfly. As the body sits in and under the meniscus, the Parachute Possum Emerger will get eaten from the start to the end of the hatch without having to change from a low riding to high riding fly as the hatch reaches its’ peak. Sometimes I wish I had an entire box of these flies in various sizes.

I fish this fly on every lake in Tasmania which has mayflies but my favourites are Penstock, Little Pine, Arthurs, Four Springs, Bronte and the entire western lakes and nineteen lagoons region. When fished in a team, this is NOT a point fly and suits the middle or top dropper much better depending on what else you have in your team. Remember not to strike too soon! Barbless.

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Weight 4 g

#12, #14, #16