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30 Day Price Match Guarantee

30 Day Price Match Guarantee

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30 Day Change of Mind Returns


Shrek has arguably been the most successful Tasmanian streamer pattern over the last few years. It was developed/invented by top Aussie angler, Joe Riley. Utilising the tried and proven colours of green, gold and red, this fly has caught fish in every waterway I have used it. Shrek has been very well thought out.  It has an uncanny knack of catching fish when all else fails and is readily picked out of the cast no matter which position it is fished in. For this reason, it really does not matter where it is placed on the cast. Such is its effectiveness that I have even heard of people using three of them at a time! Whether on the drop, the hang or the pull, this fly works. As is the case with all great flies, many people have tried to make it even better by changing the tying. This is the original and in my opinion, the best tying. If you want to fish it in brighter conditions or when fish are shying away from flashy flies, you can remove some of the flash in the tail. Early in the season it would be unusual not to catch 90% of your fish on this fly when fishing from a drifting boat in lakes such as Arthurs, Little Pine, Penstock, Bronte, Woods, etc.  Amazingly, Shrek works just as well after Christmas as it does beforehand. You can fish this fly with the utmost confidence. Barbless.

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