Christopher Bassano Spun #14


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The “Spun” is as the name suggests, a half spinner, half dun. It was invented by my good friend and Tasmanian based fly fisherman, Cameron Spur. Cameron tied this fly in the early nineties for polaroiding and fishing to fish that are inherently difficult to catch. He was successful. While filming “Tasmanian Fly Fishing Techniques Vol 1 and 2”, this fly proved itself time and again. It is in the same mould as a black spinner but is much easier to see and floats better. The Spun is also suggestive of a spinner, a dun and an emerger. It covers so many bases. I do not fish this fly in a team as it is best fished singly to sighted or rising fish. Whether on lakes or rivers, this is a superb fly. I often snip the bottom half of the hackle off, flush with the end of the hook eye. This ensures that the fly will sit correctly 100% of the time and can also be used as a ‘spent’ pattern.

No fish in the western lakes is safe when using this fly. I never seem to have enough of these flies in my box and consequently, I save them for when we are fishing at large fish in clear water. This pattern is only ever used singly and never in a team. I put it on the end of a fine tippet (.12 – .14mm) and cast it at sighted fish. Never move this fly! Thank you Cameron!!! Barbless.

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