FlyLife Autumn 2022 Issue #106


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In this issue:

  • THE WORM TURNS – Greg French takes advantage of rising water at Great Lake
  • THE PERMIT OBSESSION – John Haenke tackles the ultimate saltwater fly fishing challenge
  • THE RATIONAL TROUT – Dave Witherow delves into the mysteries of trout intelligence
  • THE LAST RESORT – David Anderson offers a fallback in the middle of nowhere
  • CAMELS, QUEENIES & PERMIT – Joshua Hutchins heads for the Middle East.
  • ALPINE TROUT – Mick Fletoridis revels in late season dry fly fishing
  • SIMPLIFYING FLY SELECTION – Tom Jarman narrows down his river-based fly choices
  • PLAYING WITH CANE – Clinton Isaac tests a cane rod on hard fighting saltwater species
  • A WEEK ON THE VARZINA – Fraser Perry visits Kola Peninsula in remote northwest Russia
  • CAX’S CONVERSION – Leon Normore makes the annual pilgrimage to Exmouth
  • HALIBUT ON FLY – Rasmus Ovesen dreams of hooking an Atlantic halibut
  • WATSON’S FANCY — Peter Watson
  • ON THE BEACH — Chris Beech
  • LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
  • TRAVEL GUIDE SHORT CASTS — Michael McBrien, Mike Dimond, David Lam, Mick Chalker, Paul Cilia
  • LAST CAST — Rob Sloane