Fulling Mill Chewy Worm Chenille Small


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Chewy Worm Chenille is a yarn constructed with a soft fluffy core with Flex-Floss fibres to give it a spiky appearance. Small sizes are 3mm in diameter.

  • Soft, chewy texture appeals to fish when they eat the fly
  • As the name suggests, Chewy Worm chenille is a great material for dressing Worm style flies. It works well with Caddis patterns and can even be used as body material for Streamers & Lures
  • “Shuggy” is the nickname for the renowned pattern the “Humungus” so it will be no surprise that Shuggy Chenille is perfect for dressing this pattern. It can also be used for Woolly Buggers, Fry patterns and many differnt types of Streamer
  • 3 meres of yarn per pack

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