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Over the years Guideline have got an increasing demand on shorter and lighter rods for small brooks and streams, and they are happy to present Elevation Brook fly rods! This series contains three different models where they have really listened to the feedback from customers and developed probably the most perfect rods for brooks and smaller streams. Together with all the same eco features as all other Elevation rods, Guideline have also made some small cosmetic design changes. Less metallic trim and a more greyish thread to give you the feeling of an even more “stealthy” rod when fishing.  The rods have a wonderful “mid flex” rod action curve, which means that you will have a rod that quickly bends perfectly in the tip and mid section of the rod, ensuring that small casting movements in tight situations will work just as thought.

As the rod gradually bends wonderfully all the way down to the handle, it suits fishing with very thin leaders as it easily dampens sudden movements from the fish. The light and super crispy blank construction also has the properties for some great overhead casting and a surprisingly good distance! The 7´2” #3 rod is definitely the rod to have if your main fishing will be the smaller brooks and creeks.

Elevation Brook 7´2” #3 – 3 pc – The 7´2” #3 rod is definitely the rod to have if your main fishing will be the smallest brooks and creeks. Being only 7´2” you will find yourself to be able to cast even in super tricky situations and will present your fly at short to mid range beautifully. These super light and crispy rod will be a great tool for fishing in small streams, and is just pure fun.


  • Matte, lightly buffed blanks with no added coloration which gives them a dark graphite grey apperance. Any possible, excessive carbon waste particles are collected in separate tank before water is passed on to community cleaning facility. The blanks have a soft spiral pattern and thin, matte coating.
  • Half wells grips of 3A cork without rubber cork reinforcements.
  • Metal parts of reel seats are “clear anodized” which is the least toxic process possible when using aluminium reel seats. Guideline use no chrome (lead) or paint in the anodizing bath.
  • For the coatings on blank, guides and the mounting glue for grips and reel seat, Guideline use a bio-based low-toxic Epoxy, tested and approved with extremely low levels of regulated chemicals. This also adds to a better working atmosphere in the assembly phase of production, reducing health hazardous odours to a minimum.
  • Rods are mounted with light wire single leg guides and KW style stripper guides. Guideline use a gun smoke powder coat finish on a stainless frame. Best sustainable choice, still hard and with no chrome plating, which contains lead.
  • Rod bag and rod tube cover are made of recycled REPREVE™ polyester. This is the leading, most trusted, branded performance fibres made from recycled materials (including plastic bottles).
  • The rod tubes are made of recycable Polypropylene (PP), they are lighter and have 20% lower diameters than standard PVC tubes. This will save space and money when rods are transported both from the factory and by the user. PP is both reusable and recyclable for producing new goods.
  • All rods are 3-piece.

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