Guideline LPX Coastal Fly Rod


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30 Day Price Match Guarantee

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Totally new materials, a sturdy focus on environment and a new mindset for designing the ultimate rods for saltwater- and predator fishing: The LPX Coastal are truly remarkable! An uncompromised rod series made for hardcore fishing with streamers after trophy trout, seatrout hunting along coastal shorelines or your dream trip to tropical destinations. Thanks to the new building technique, we can make longer rods with the same feeling of a shorter one.

The new materials and carbon layup create extremely “light tip rods” that gives us the possibility to extend the rod while maintaining the fast acceleration throughout the casting stroke. The lighter blank also reduces fatigue to the wrist and feels like a 9ft when you cast. All in all, same properties as the 9ft length but with greater reach. This is the reason for making our 5-6-7 weight rods in 9’3” length. The extra 3”/7,5cm length adds extra margin between the water and rod tip. This brings better line control when casting, especially when you are wading. We strongly mean that these 9’3” rods aren’t any more affected by wind than regular 9’ rods. Forcing a rod through the wind is more of an issue when rods reach lengths of 10’ and over and become more tip heavy.

The action is fast with a quick recovery. Compared with Guidelines previous saltwater models the LPX Coastal rods are lighter, crisper, livelier and feature a slightly deeper curve. This makes them easier to cast and more tolerant to raw force or excessive wrist movement which we often use “accidentally” while trying to achieve the longest casts.

9’3″ #5 – #6: The ideal tools for use on calm days on the open coast or in sheltered bays and coves where you need to present small shrimps and fry to cruising feeders that will spook easily. These rods have a crisp and very responsive action that casts nice and tight loops and manages fishing with delicate tippets thanks to a sensitive and well-balanced tip area.

9’3 #7 : The allrounders for coastal flyfishing in Europe. These rods are built to manage larger flies, stronger winds and lines/shooting heads that sink when needed. The low swing-weight and great connection between tip and handle, make them a joy to cast and work during long sessions. The actions are quite fast, but with maintained feel of the load down towards the bottom third of the rod when you challenge them and power up your cast.


  • C.A.P M4.0 Technology (Complex Axial Pattern) based on multiple layering of 40T and 36T materials.
  • Eco Friendly PP shrink tape.
  • No grinding of blanks.
  • Super Grade cork grips and fighting butts with formamide-free EVA endings.
  • Eco-Friendly, low VOC Epoxies used for assembly and rod coating.
  • Stripper guides are full Titanium with Zirconia Super Lightweight inserts. #5-7 have singleleg rings, #8-12 have regular snakerings.
  • Rod Bag in recycled Polyester.
  • Low diameter, 50 mm rod Tubes made from PP (Polypropylene) with recycled polyester tube fabric.
  • Tube uses YKK new NATULON zipper that is 89% chemically recycled polyester.
  • No plastic sleeves on grips.
  • All rods are 4-piece. 

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9'3" 5 Weight, 9'3" 6 Weight, 9'3" 7 Weight