New Zealand Strike Indicator Tubing X-Large


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Strike Indicator tubing is the ultimate material to make the special sleeves for the indicators. There are all kinds of materials out there for making indicators. This is the very best after years of research and development.

This tubing works in warm or cold conditions and is specially manufactured to meet the demanding conditions fishermen find themselves on the water. It provides the perfect size and tension for the indicators to hug the fishing line and yet still move when you want it to. Carefully engineered, it will provide you with optimal size and adjustability.

  • Highest Quality Tubing – The exact properties required for demanding conditions
  • Grips Leader and Never Slips
  • Doesn’t Burn or Harm Leader – Tubing holds true but doesn’t burn mono when adjusting
  • Tough – Can be adjusted all day long
  • Perfect Diameter – The exact optimal size
  • “Sucks In” Wool Indicator – Pull on tag ends and watch wool get “sucked into tubing”
  • Lasts Years – Individual tubing sleeves can be used multiple times
  • X-Large Size Tubing – Use two strands and Wool Indicator with X-Large Size Tubing will float two size 12 tungsten bead head nymphs
  • 2 Feet of X-Large Tubing – if you fish with lots of weight

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