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Scott’s earliest rods grew from fibreglass roots. In fact, when Scott Fly Rods started in the early 70’s, graphite fly rods didn’t even exist.

Scott’s put their name on the map in those early years creating high performance, multi piece glass fly rods for anglers venturing into the mountains to catch wild trout in cool crystalline waters. Anglers were blown away by the smooth performance of Scott’s industry-first 5 piece fly rod, and by their full range of multi piece light line glass rods. Scott has been making fibreglass fly rods ever since. There’s a good reason they continue to design and handcraft glass fly rods – it’s because they think glass is the best material available for casting at very close range, for enjoying the feel of small fish, and having a good old time.

With the all new F Series, Scott brought together new slimmer tapers with E-glass and they redesigned hollow internal ferrule to set a new standard for smooth, deep flexing rods. And, even though you can cast them a lot farther, these rods are optimized to cast beautiful accurate loops under 20 feet. By carefully controlling the distribution of mass and stiffness, they created very light fibreglass rods that are stable and form sweet loops with just a few feet of line out of the tip. That way you can accurately cast into the next plunge pool or along overgrown banks even on creeks you can step across. That’s not something your graphite rods can do easily.

Scott paired that performance with best in class components like Snake Brand Universal snake guides, Flor grade cork grips, titanium SiC strippers, and CNC milled reel seats, and then added their own little touches like measuring wraps and alignment dots. They didn’t miss a detail. After all, there’s a lot of history and pride in F Series rods.

So, if you’re in to fishing small pristine waters, and jewel like wild fish, treat yourself to the ultimate fishing tools-F Series rods from Scott-High performance, handcrafted, and pure fun.


Model Weight Length Sections
FS 622-4 2 6’2″ 4
FS 583-4 3 5’8″ 4
FS 663-4 3 6’6″ 4
FS 723-5 3 7’2″ 4
FS 724-4 4 7’2″ 4

Additional information

Rod Length & Weight

5'8" 3 Weight (583-4), 6'2" 2 Weight (622-4), 6'6" 3 Weight (663-4), 7'2" 3 Weight (723-5), 7'2" 4 Weight (724-4), 6'6"3 Weight (663-4)