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A couple of these rods are kept in stock; the range is huge so orders can be supplied generally within 10-14 days to your door. No deposit required, fast delivery when stock is available.

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Introducing the all new Scott Flex series, rods so light, effortless, and forgiving, they let you focus on fishing better.

Flex rods generate line speed and tight loops effortlessly, helping you cast accurately and control your presentations. And, their powerful butt sections help with quick, positive hook sets and fish control.

Incorporating many of the innovations found in our award winning Radian and Meridian rods, Flex rods combine high performance with top quality components. And, each Flex rod is handcrafted, start to finish, in our shop in Montrose, Colorado.

Fish better….fish the rod that works hard for you.


Model Line length
FX 753/4 3 7’6” For small waters and small fish, this rod loads up with just a few feet of line out of the rod tip and excels at fishing dries, terrestrials and hopper dropper rigs.
FX 804/4 4 8’0” The perfect all around small stream rod, and your companion for farm pond sunfish and small bass. Handles a wide variety of trout and warm water flies in small to medium sizes.
FX 854/4 4 8’6” Our favorite Flex for focused dry fly fishing, and a great all around light line trout rod when small nymphs or soft hackles are used.
FX 904/4 4 9’0” Our favorite Flex for smaller dries and nymphs fished on very light tippets. Combines delicate presentation, tippet protection and the power to bring a tail water lunker.
FX 855/4 5 8’6” The all around Flex for mid sized waters. It handles small to average sized nymphs, dries and streamers with ease. Great for shorter to mid range casts.
FX 905/4 5 9’0” The one Flex to rule them all on trout waters. The do it all rod from light streamers to size 20 baetis
FX 906/4 6 9′ 0″ A great choice for fishing larger indicator, big foam bugs and small to medium sized streamers on rivers and stillwaters.
FX 907/4 7 9′ 0″ The rod for streamer specialists whether you target trout from a drift boat or carp along shorelines, this is the stick.
FX 908/4 8 9′ 0″ A great choice for heavier warm water applications and pacific salmon. Handles large flies and sinking lines gracefully.
FX 955/4 5 9′ 6″ Sea run cutts on the beach, double Pats out of the drift boat, or any other application where larger flies are fished on 5 wts.
FX 956/4 6 9′ 6″ A great crossover rod for summer steelhead, big trout, and warm water species. A long casting big fly rod.
FX 1004/4 4 10′ 0″ The Flex for high stick and Euro style nymphing. And it will cast a fly line and dry fly too.
FX 1005/4 5 10′ 0″ A great all arounder when extra length and reach are needed. Perfect for tailwaters and stillwaters.
FX 1006/4 6 10′ 0″ Perfect light steelhead rod for dry line single hand swinging.
FX 1007/4 7 10′ 0″ Our favorite Flex for steelhead and Atlantics where a single hander is called for. Great dry line or sinking shooting head rod for single handed spey style casts.
FX 1008/4 8 10’0” A great rod for steelhead and Atlantics when faster sinking lines and bigger flies are called for.

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FX 753/4, FX 804/4, FX 854/4, FX 904/4, FX 855/4, FX 905/4, FX 906/4, FX 907/4, FX 908/4, FX 955/4, FX 956/4, FX 1004/4, FX 1005/4, FX 106/4, FX 1007/4, FX 1008/4


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