Semperfli Sparkle Dubbing Dispenser Natural


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A stunning mix of sparkle dubbing in natural colours, perfect for the fly tyer who likes to imitate the flies and nymphs in nature. Sparkle Dubbing Dispenser Natural Collection is a vibrant sparkling dubbing designed to reflect light which glints through this superb dubbing. It is synthetic and has a sheen that reflects light and adds lustre or sparkle to dubbing, with it is a product designed to be all about the refraction and reflection. It is a longer fibre that you can blend if you wish with other dubbings. After all, as anglers we have all looked at nymphs and flies glisten and sparkle in the sunlight. Designed to give that same glisten that you get from natural insects or as an attractor or hot spot to trigger attacks from the predatory fish you are hunting.

The Sparkle Dubbing Dispenser has been pre cut and blended into approximately 2” / 50mm lengths for easy handling when dubbing. Sparkle Dubbing Dispenser Natural is ultra fine, just 35? (35 microns diameter). With a greater range of colors, and available in single colors or the low profile dubbing boxes Sparkle Dubbing Dispenser Natural Collection 12 Dubbings is the perfect dubbing to put hot spots on nymphs, thoraxes or bodies on your flies.

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