Semperfli Wire 0.2mm


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Semperfli 0.2mm wire is a non tarnishing and perfect for chironomids or buzzers and nymphs and as ribs on salmon flies and streamers. Measuring 0.2mm or 0.008 inch diameter the non tarnishing means it can even be used in saltwater.

Having developed and manufactured Semperfli flies own computerised spooling machinery 0.2mm wire is put onto the spool with touching turns in totally level traverse, why is this important? With 0.2mm wire you will not get a birds nest when tying flies or have wires trapped. Semperfli’s spools have a removeable cap to re-trap the wire once you have removed a section to tie your flies.

Tie on Wire 0.2mm and tie off with thread. Rather than cutting simply wiggle and it will break saving damage to your scissors

There are 20m / 21.8 yards (approx ) per spool of 0.2mm wire.

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