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30 Day Price Match Guarantee

30 Day Price Match Guarantee

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30 Day Change of Mind Returns


The blue skies and sandy shores of the tropics beckon. Spending a full day under the sun requires stepping up your sun coverage. The Simms SunGaiter helps you spend more time on the water with less sun exposure. Made from lightweight, quick-drying stretch fabric, it features laser-cut breathing holes, so you don’t feel like you are breathing through a balaclava. The SolarFlex® fabric offers UPF 50 protection and covers from the top of your nose down to your shirt collar with enough height in the back to fit over or under your favourite fishing hat.

  • Lightweight, quick-drying, & breathable stretch fabric
  • Laser-cut breathing holes
  • UPF 50 sun protection
Fabric: SolarFlex® stretch fabric: 92% polyester/8% spandex
Weight: 45.4 g
Colours: River Camo , Riparian Camo, Hex Flo Camo Steel, Woodland Camo Sandbar, Nightfall, Woodland Camo & Field

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Weight 60 g

Meridian, Field, Woodland Camo Sandbar, Nightfall, Hex Flo Camo Steel, Woodland Camo, Riparian Camo, Regiment Camo Carbon, Regiment Camo Cinder, Sky