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30 Day Price Match Guarantee

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Finesse system that attacks mountain streams tightly. The Finesse reader system is a revolutionary leader that enables a new fly fishing style that goes beyond the concept of a traditional short reader.

The Finesse System “Finesse System” explained by Ryo Shimazaki

The feature of the finesse reader is that the bat diameter is thinner and the taper is steep compared to the standard. Because the bat diameter is thin, it is difficult to drag, and the leader is difficult to drip even in close combat, so the water landing part can be reduced. In addition, because it is a steep taper structure, the turnover performance is good, and it is easy to put slacks in the tippet. Next, we will respond to various fields by adjusting the length of the tippet. The finesse leader itself has a wide range of defense, from a small mountain stream covered with bushes to an open mountain stream that requires long drift.

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