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Custom cut Sinking Fly Line For Tropical Climates 

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Fly anglers are nothing if not inventive. From splicing together lines to weighing coils on a digital scale, finding the perfect sinking line can be a chore. The SONAR Tropical Custom Tip sinking fly line makes all of that much, much easier. This cut-to-fit fly line allows you to slice off as much line as you need to fit everything from a 7-weight through a 15-weight.

  • Cut-to-fit design lets you cut the tip to the ideal weight
  • Goes deep and stays deep
  • Intermediate running line
  • Sink Rate: 7.75 ips
  • Tropi-Core technology for tropical climates
  • Comes with braided add-on loop


Grain: 462/cut 0’ (12-15 wt) Grain: 352/cut 8’ (9-11 wt)
Grain: 451/cut 1’ (10-13 wt) Grain: 338/cut 9’ (8-11 wt)
Grain: 437/cut 2’ (10-13 wt) Grain: 324/cut 10’ (8-11 wt)
Grain: 423/cut 3’ (10-13 wt) Grain: 310/cut 11’ (8-9 wt)
Grain: 409/cut 4’ (9-12 wt) Grain: 296/cut 12’ (8-9 wt)
Grain: 395/cut 5’ (9-12 wt) Grain: 282/cut 13’ (8-9 wt)
Grain: 380/cut 6’ (9-11 wt) Grain: 268/cut 14’ (7-9 wt)
Grain: 366/cut 7’ (9-11 wt) Grain: 254/cut 15’ (7-8 wt)


Line Weight Head Length  Total Length Grain Weight*
Cut to length 35.0’ / 10,7m 105.0’ / 32,0m 462gr / 29,9g

* Grain weight for the first 30′